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Easy Touch5.0.12




Requires Unity 5.2.0 or higher. EasyTouch allows you to quickly and easily develop actions based on a touchscreen gesture, joystick , button, DPadn TouchPad with EasyTouch controls. New features of Easy Touch 5 allow a better start for beginners Features: *All major gestures are recognized by EasyTouch such as tap, double tap, swipe, twist, pinch,multi-touch and more * C# events * Auto gameobject selection * multi-camera * multi-layer * Unity UI support * Built-in PlayerMaker addon * Joystick * DPad * TouchPad * Button * Powerfull API EasyTouch 5 new features * Quick Gesture. * Build in add-on for PlayMaker 1.8 (beta) * EasyTouch Controls 2.X * New syntax to use EasyTouch in Update method. * Add namespace HedgehogTeam.EasyTouch. * Add TV_OS from Unity directive. (Unity 5.3) * Exposes new properties pressure, radius, etc (Unity 5.3) * Unity 5.3.X support multi-touch with Unity Remote and EasyTouch Controls 2.X. You have all you need to create your game on mobile device, developed for mobile platforms has never been easier with the second finger simulation EasyTouch is written in C#, it notifies you of an action by events. The events are sent by delegate system, or you can use the new EasyTouchTrigger component.

    插件名称:Easy Touch5.0.12 大      小:13.7M 价格:¥0
    软件要求:Unity5.2.0以上 运行环境:


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