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Amplify Occlusion 深度阴影插件




Requires Unity 5.3.0 or higher. NEW! Support for Unity 5.6 Amplify Occlusion sets out to offer a highly robust and efficient way to simulate ambient occlusion and contact shadowing by combining leading techniques in a all-in-one package, fast-performing and future proof. Now you can attenuate reflections in occluded areas, make objects actually connect to the world and add real depth to your scenes with minimal effort. Click Here to see it in action or Try Before You Buy It's a lightweight solution for both consoles and desktops, higher-quality and more accurate than standard SSAO. When compared to other solutions, it offers superior performance scaling with stable frame rates. Our implementation is highly optimized to deliver stable frame rates even on a very high resolution combined with a large sampling radius. Features ? Robust high-quality SSAO solution ? Accurate and fast-performing ? Deferred and Forward Rendering ? PBR compatible injection mode ? Superior occlusion approximation ? Extensive blur and intensity controls Typical post-process occlusion techniques darken direct light the same way they darken everything else visible to the camera, which results in strong unnatural occlusion even on brightly lit surfaces. Our implementation provides an optional Deferred-path application mode that injects SSAO before the direct lighting stage in order to deliver natural, PBR-accurate results. This solution also offers massive quality improvements to occlusion on distant surfaces, even when using a large kernel radius, due to superior and artifact-free occlusion approximation when compared to any currently available SSAO solution. It's great for both small and large scale scenes and any type of camera perspective.

    插件名称:Amplify Occlusion 深度阴影插件 大      小:40M 价格:¥1.00
    软件要求:Unity 5.3.0以上 运行环境:


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