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Requires Unity 5.0.0 or higher. Are you developing an ARPG or classic Top Down RPG game, then this is the camera you need. Check out the WebDemos and see the intuitive controls in action, that lets you enjoy the game and not fight the controls. - Basic Example DEMO - Medieval Village env Village Exteriors Kit - The Crypt env Village Interiors Kit - Dragon Keep env Village Interiors Kit - Spider Queen env Cave Adventure Kit - Thief's Guild env TaD - Sewer Kit - Sleepy Raven Inn env Village Interiors Kit Key Features: v1.7 features: - Added support for click/touch and move cam that uses the Event System to check if a click/touch happens in UI and acts accordingly. - New ARPGPlayerMove script that checks if click/touch happens in new UI and doesn't move character. - Added demo scenes for standalone and mobile. - Added prefabs for standalone and mobile. v1.6 features: - Submitted to be Unity 5 Ready. v1.5 features: - Fully customizable Keyboard input. - Fully Customizable via Inspector or Scripting. - Move, Rotate, Tilt, Zoom view. - Click-and-Hold mouse follow ing. - Rotation around target . - Dynamic transparency effect on objects that lies between the camera and target. - The angle the camera looks at the target can be modified on the fly. - The camera automatically moves to desired location on start. - Left and right click to move player to the desired location. - Player will stop when it hits obstacles or if the slope is bigger than the character controller’s slope limit. NEW !!! Keyboard & Mouse input methods added - Using keys to move character forward, backward and to strafe left, strafe right. Use the mouse to turn character left and right. - Using keys to move character forward, backward and to strafe left, strafe right. Rotate character to current mouse position. - Using keys to move character up, down, left and right. - Using keys to move character forward, backward and to turn left, right. Mobile support added: Tested on Sony Xperia TabletZ LTE & Sony Xperia go - Added a better gravity check for click and move scripts. - NavMesh character controller for click and move. - Mobile versions of the cameras. - Mobile versions of the Character controllers. - c# version of Unity joystick script added.

    插件名称:RPG相机控制插件 大      小:19M 价格:¥0
    软件要求:Unity 5.0.0以上 运行环境:


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